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In compliance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 of 11 July, Services of the Company à of Information and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE) and other legal application standards, the users of the portal are made aware of the following general information:

This portal is been created and it is maintained at the request of ITALY CAR RENT SRL owner of the Italy Car Rent brand.
ITALY CAR RENT SRL is a company à with personality à legal entity based in Via San Quirino, 6/b – 39100 – Bolzano (BZ)
ITALY CAR RENT SRL is provided with P. I. 05952850823
ITALY CAR RENT SRL is registered in the following public register: REA PA – 287337
Users can establish a direct and effective communication through written communication to the address indicated in point 2 of this general information, or using any of the following means:

Conditions of use

The use or access to this site implies the knowledge and full acceptance of these terms and conditions and those that at any time may establish ITALY CAR RENT SRL. As a result, it will be à responsibility à of all visitors or users the careful reading of the terms and conditions in force each time you access this website.

Access to this site & egrave; free and free, with the exception of the costs of connection to the telecommunications network offered by the internet provider of the user. In the event that the presence on this website is subject to costs, the user will be; duly notified.

Access to this website does not imply the establishment of a contractual relationship between ITALY CAR RENT SRL and the user, nor is it a source of professional advice.

Users of this site assume the obligation to make proper and proper use of its services and content in accordance with it; to the present conditions of use and to the current law.

Except with the explicit authorization of ITALY CAR RENT SRL, users may use the contents and services of the site exclusively for personal purposes, and must abstain from carrying out any action that directly or indirectly leads to the commercial exploitation of the same.

In any case, users must use the contents and services offered by ITALY CAR RENT SRL in accordance with the law; with current laws, assuming the responsibilities à in cases of pipelines or activities; that, in any way, may be illegal or harmful for the rights of third parties or that may hinder or prevent the use of this website by or by other users.

Intellectual property rights

The distinctive signs (graphs and names) displayed on this site are proprietary; of the legitimate owners. As a result, it does not; prohibited for commercial use by third parties who do not have the necessary authorization.

Contents, texts, photographs, drawings, logos, images, videos, animations, recordings, computer programs, codes source and, in general, any intellectual creation present on this website, as well as the site as a whole as a multimedia artistic work, are protected by copyright in accordance with current legislation on property ownership; intellectual.

Reproduction, archiving (with the exception of the one required to load this site in the browser or in temporary storage), transformation, distribution, public communication, making available to the public are prohibited and in general any other form of exploitation, for any means or proceeding, of all or part of the contents subject to exclusive rights of except in the case of express authorization in this regard.


The user will be able to; meet several links to external pages on which ITALY CAR RENT SRL has no control, with respect to which it declines all responsibility. Their only purpose is; & Egrave; facilitate access to other sources of information on the internet, in relation to the services offered or of a general nature. Their inclusion on this website is based on respect for property rights; intellectuals of the legitimate authors and owners.

ITALY CAR RENT SRL is not responsible for the content accessed through these links, nor for the modifications made on them, nor for the use that can do or their availability is available; technique. Nevertheless, ITALY CAR RENT SRL undertakes to do everything possible to avoid the presence on its website of links to sites with illegal content or that promote activities; unlawful. In case in which it is actually considered that the information reached through any connection is illegal, please notify us immediately via the postal and electronic means of communication referred to at the beginning of these terms and conditions, and ITALY CAR RENT SRL will activate à to remove or deactivate these links.

The user who wants to insert links to the ITALY CAR RENT SRL website in his / her own web page will have to, in addition to obtain the express consent for this purpose, satisfy the listed conditions of followed, considering that ignorance of the same does not avoid the responsibilit & acrave; legal terms.

The link is available. only on the main page (homepage) of this website. In no case, who intends to introduce this link, will be able to; memorize with any method all or part of the content of this website, without the express authorization of ITALY CAR RENT SRL. The following are strictly prohibited:

They may mislead, confuse or deceive users about the true origin of the service or content.
Suppose a comparison or imitation or unfair copy.
Exploit the reputation and prestige of the ITALY CAR RENT SRL brand, its members, directors or employees.
Of any other form prohibited by applicable law.

Limitation of responsibility

ITALY CAR RENT SRL undertakes to take measures to try to avoid the manipulation of its website, so that no third party outside the said company can insert illicit content or information on the site false or inaccurate, as it undertakes to delete such contents and / or correct them and prevent access to data that may have been manipulated. We expressly declare that ITALY CAR RENT SRL will not assume à no responsibility whatsoever; for any damages originating as a consequence of contents or information, insert illegally or fraudulently on your website.

ITALY CAR RENT SRL adopts adequate security systems to detect the presence of computer viruses. Nevertheless, as it is; the security systems of computer systems on the Internet can not be 100% reliable, ITALY CAR RENT SRL can not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements harmful to the computer systems of the user.

ITALY CAR RENT SRL it will not be; responsible in case of service interruptions, delays, errors, malfunctions and, in general, inconveniences originating from causes beyond the control of this company, and / or due to negligence or willful misconduct of the user and / or due to causes of major force. Included in the concept of force majeure are all those events that are beyond the control of ITALY CAR RENT SRL, such as (but not limited to): third party errors, operators or providers, government deeds, lack of access to third-party networks, acts or omissions of the authorities; public, events occurred as a result of natural phenomena, blackouts etc. and attacks by hackers or security and integrity experts; of computer systems, provided that ITALY CAR RENT SRL has adopted all the existing security methods, in the current state of the technology of the sector.

ITALY CAR RENT SRL assumes no responsibility; for any direct or indirect, consequential and / or non-profit damages, and reserves the right, without this implying any compensation for the user, to temporarily suspend the services and contents of the website to carry out maintenance operations, improvement and repair of them.

Nevertheless, it is explicitly stated that the present exemption clause of liability is not applicable. it is not intended to limit liability; of ITALY CAR RENT SRL regarding the laws in force, and to exclude the responsibility; in cases where, by virtue of the aforementioned laws, it can not be excluded.

How to cancel the reservation

The Customer can cancel the reservation at any time before the agreed day of collection of the vehicle by contacting the reservation center or by sending the request via email.

Cancellation is free and with full refund up to 72 hours before picking up the vehicle, if you need to cancel your booking in the 72 hours prior to the rental start day, you will be charged for the rental amount up to a maximum threshold equal to to € 300.

Italy Car Rent reserves the right to cancel the reservation at any time due to force majeure or unexpected unavailability of the booked vehicle. The cancellation will be communicated via email to the customer and the amount paid will be refunded in full to the credit card.

Law in force

These terms and conditions are subject to Italian law.

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