Insurance and responsibilities
What documents are required for renting a car? Immagine + Immagine -

The driver of the rental vehicle must satisfy the following requirements:

  • 19 years of age.
  • Valid driver’s license, type B issued at least 12 months ago.
  • It will be required a surcharge based on the ITALY CAR RENT RATE SCHEDULE for drivers under 25 years old and/or for each second authorized driver.

Payment of the estimated rental amount, accessories and/or additional supplements, as well as any charges for damages resulting from accidents to the rented vehicle (Damage Charge Table) must be guaranteed, at the time of rental, by at least one Credit Card.

It is possible to make payments by ATM or cash at the exclusive discretion of ITALY CAR RENT.

Do you need a driving license to rent? Immagine + Immagine -

The driving license of type B, issued for at least 12 months and valid.

Is it possible to rent without a driving license? Immagine + Immagine -

No, it is mandatory to show a driving license for renting a car.

Is a photocopy of the driving license also accepted for renting? Immagine + Immagine -

No, the license must always be in the original, legible, undamaged and valid throughout the rental period.

Is it possible to travel abroad during the rental period? Immagine + Immagine -


Extra EU citizens can rent in Italy? ? Immagine + Immagine -

Citizens not belonging to the European Union can only rent in Italy if they have an international driving license and a passport.

Is it possible to change the drop off location of the vehicle during the rental? Immagine + Immagine -

Yes, it is possible, as long as it is communicated in advance to the chartering agency, there is a supplement to be paid.

Is fuel included in the rate? Immagine + Immagine -

No. The cost of rental vehicle does not include fuel.
The vehicle is delivered to the customer with a full tank of fuel and should therefore be returned.
If it is not possible to refuel the vehicle before returning it to the Agency, in addition to the cost of the missing fuel, a surcharge will be applied.

Can I add a second driver? Immagine + Immagine -

Other drivers may be entered as long as they are present at the agency when the vehicle is picked up and provided with a valid driving license. The cost of the second guide is € 8 per day.

What happens if I return the vehicle later than the contract signed? Immagine + Immagine -

In this case it is advisable to contact the rental agency, there may be additional costs.

What should I do in case of damage or breakdown? Immagine + Immagine -

If the vehicle is not on the road, the Roadside Assistance service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to the number you find on your rental letter. The tow truck must always be kept at the place where it is stopped. To take advantage of a replacement vehicle, contact the ITALY CAR RENT agency where the vehicle has been picked up. You can use an alternative means of transport (for example taxi or train), if duly requested and authorized by the same Roadside Assistance, in order to reach the Italy Car Rent agency.

If the vehicle is in condition of being able to continue, it is necessary in any case to contact the ITALY CAR RENT agency where the vehicle has been picked up in order to leave the vehicle damaged or damaged and to pick up another vehicle instead.

In case of accident always remember to fill in the model CAI (Friendly Determination of Accident) , present inside the vehicle. It is also necessary to send the CAI within 24 hours of the event, at an agency ITALY CAR RENT.

How and when do you receive the invoice? Immagine + Immagine -

The request for an invoice to a company or professional with a vat number must be made during the reservation on the website. upon arrival at the rental desk the customer must ensure that the contract is correctly headed and must request at that exact moment that any extra charges is headed to the correct company name.

It is never possible to change the invoice header since the documents are sent in electronic invoicing and therefore to the tax agency

It will be possible instead to request a credit note on the previous invoice and the reissuance of a new document by writing to fatturazione@italycarrent.com. This procedure requires the payment of administrative fees of € 25,00

Is it possible to limit liability in the event of damage? Immagine + Immagine -

The rental fee includes the vehicle damage charge (CDW) fee.

The CDW is not an insurance cover, but a conventional reduction of the customer’s responsibility for damages resulting from accidents, accidents or attempted thefts suffered by the car, as well as for theft and partial fire of the same, within the limits of an exemption that varies according to the group vehicle to which the vehicle belongs.

The customer’s responsibility can be conventionally reduced or eliminated altogether by subscribing the elimination / reduction portion of the damage charge (SKP).

What happens if I make a traffic offense? Immagine + Immagine -

The fine will be sent directly to the customer who is the holder of the rental contract on the day and at the precise moment in which the infraction occurred. The report relating to the violation will be sent to the customer by the competent authorities that have detected the infringement, and it is the responsibility of the customer to provide for payment in accordance with the law.

By Whom is the report sent? Immagine + Immagine -

The Customer can first receive a copy of the report, attached to the invoice relating to the cost of administrative expenses as indicated in the ITALY CAR RENT Tariff; in any case, he will also subsequently receive the original of the report directly from the competent Authorities, together with the bulletin for the payment of the fine itself.

What are “administrative costs”? Immagine + Immagine -

This is the cost for the management of the administrative file in case of renotification of a fine that ITALY CAR RENT charges back to the customer: in fact, the user is obliged to pay the administrative expenses of the file, as provided in Art. 8 of our General Rental Terms and Conditions, signed through the rental letter: “The management cost of any related administrative file is determined in the ITALY CAR RENT Rate Schedule and the Customer authorizes as of now to be charged for it at his/her own expense”; also “The Customer who is a credit card holder authorizes the Lessor to debit the relevant account for all charges borne by him/her having title from the rental relationship.

How is the cost of administrative fees paid? Immagine + Immagine -

This cost is charged by credit card used for the rental, at the time the renotification is made by ITALY CAR RENT, as provided in Article 8 of the General Conditions signed at the beginning of the rental. See the ITALY CAR RENT Rate Schedule for the amount provided. At the same time a copy of the invoice for these charges is sent to the customer.

Who is responsible for fines issued during the rental period? Immagine + Immagine -

The customer, as the holder of the rental letter, is directly responsible for fines and/or any other charges resulting from traffic violations, non-payment of tolls and/or parking. Therefore, any fines received must be duly paid. The customer has the right to contest them, but this must be done directly to the authorities who served the ticket in the manner and within the terms specified in the ticket.

Credit card payment? Immagine + Immagine -

The credit card is required as a guarantee of the rental, so it is mandatory to present it at the agency when collecting the vehicle. The card must also be in the name of the person signing the rental letter. Payment can also be made by Bancomar or cash.

What is the credit card needed for? Immagine + Immagine -

The credit card is required as a guarantee for the rental, so it is mandatory to present it at the agency when picking up the vehicle. The card must also be in the name of the person signing the rental letter.

The deposit required as a guarantee on the credit card is a charge? Immagine + Immagine -

No, it’s not a charge. It is only a sum “blocked” on the credit card as a guarantee, upon collection of the vehicle.

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