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Accessible car rental with Italy Car Rent

February 28, 2023

Accessible car rental with Italy Car Rent

Italy Car Rent, as a leading car rental company in Italy, aims to offer its customers a convenient and carefree travel experience.


With 13 locations throughout the country, strategically positioned within the main Italian airports, we care about your journey and we are always close to you.


To make your journey all the more convenient and beneficial, you can take advantage of three fantastic promotions when booking your car online.


  • Renting a car has never been cheaper with our Winter Promo! This offer will allow you to have 50% discount on the total price of your car rental, by using the dedicated discount code INVERNO50. This promotion is valid for all rentals made from 1st January to 20th March, so if you are planning a new trip during this winter period, take advantage of this unmissable opportunity!


  • Our Easter Promo offers you a 15% discount on the total cost of your rental: you can activate it by using the discount code PASQUA15. This promo is valid for all rentals booked for the Easter period, so if you’re planning a trip during this time of year, take advantage of this fantastic sales opportunity!


  • For all those who already wish to book a car for their summer holiday, we have activated a Summer Promo. This offer grants you a 15% discount on the total car rental price, using the discount code ESTATE23, which you can enter when booking online.


Whether you are planning a leisure trip or a business trip, these Italy Car Rent promotions will give you an unforgettable travel experience free of any financial worries.


Choose Italy Car Rent for your next car rental in Italy and enjoy a worry-free experience.

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