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A Costa Smeralda adventure with car rental Olbia airport

December 15, 2023

A Costa Smeralda adventure with car rental Olbia airport

The Costa Smeralda is a popular location for travellers from all corners of the globe. Celebrated for its crystal-clear waters that fade between turquoise and cobalt, this region has always been an oasis of natural beauty and renowned hospitality.

In addition to its enchanting sea, it is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, exclusive boutiques and activities ranging from water sports to hiking in the wooded hills that hug the coastline.

Immersed in an environment where natural beauty blends harmoniously with a lively lifestyle, the Costa Smeralda becomes the focus of an unforgettable holiday for those who love relaxation and beach life as well as for lovers of excursions and adventure holidays.

Exploring the Costa Smeralda

Exploring this paradise in northern Sardinia means venturing out in search of natural and cultural treasures.This splendid location offers a myriad of enchanting places, first and foremost its beaches such as Cala di Volpe, Principe beach, Capriccioli and Liscia Ruja, each with its own unique beauty of golden sand and crystal-clear waters.

Not to be missed are the sea excursions to magical places such as the Island of Caprera with its hidden coves and scenic paths, Spargi with its water so blue it looks like a swimming pool, and Budelli, one of the wildest and most scenic islands of the Maddalena archipelago.But beyond natural beauty, the Costa Smeralda is also luxury and nightlife where you can find entertainment at any age. From Arzachena to Porto Cervo, a luxury resort par excellence where to find the most renowned high-fashion boutiques and restaurants. The fascinating Poltu Quatu with its natural canal bordered by granite rock walls and Porto Rotondo, the diamond point of the island where the most exclusive clubs and dream beaches are concentrated, all the way to Baja Sardinia immersed in unspoilt nature amidst enchanting beaches and renowned clubs.

To explore this rich variety of destinations and attractions, car hire Olbia airport becomes essential and a great ally for not missing the main attractions. You will have the freedom to move nimbly from one location to another, ensuring that you make the most of everything the Costa Smeralda has to offer.

The sea in winter

The Costa Smeralda is known for its lively summer season but also reveals a charming and tranquil side during the winter months. Despite being considered low season, this period offers a unique and suggestive atmosphere, allowing visitors to discover the region in a different light. The beaches, usually crowded in summer, become quiet and picturesque places, perfect for relaxing walks.

Winter also offers the chance to explore its cultural and natural heritage from a different perspective: hiking trails offer breathtaking views without the summer crowds, while picturesque villages retain their authentic local charm.

A perfect time to indulge in local cuisine in typical restaurants or attend cultural events and festivals celebrating local traditions.
Car rental remains an ideal option, allowing you to move comfortably between the various attractions and fully savour the winter magic through nature.

The advantages of renting a car directly at the airport

Olbia airport car hire is an optimal solution whether it is the lively summer season or the quiet winter atmosphere. Having a vehicle at your disposal offers unparalleled independence and flexibility.

During the summer season it is perfect for moving nimbly from beach to beach, exploring characteristic villages and participating in numerous activities without depending on public transport or timetable restrictions.

In the winter season, on the other hand, this service becomes invaluable because it allows one to explore the Costa Smeralda from a different perspective, discovering quiet and contemplative corners, local traditions and authentic atmospheres.

At any time of year, car hire offers the freedom to create a tailor-made trip, allowing you to take full advantage of the best the Costa Smeralda has to offer, making every moment an unforgettable occasion.


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